Welcome to my site!  My name is Steve Savage and I am a writer based out of the SF Bay area, CA.  I am a blogger, running and contributing regularly to my own site, SteveSavage.org, as well as a music journalist for MetalNexus.net.  In addition, I am currently working on completing my first novel in the genre of biographical fiction.

I decided to s175tart blogging for a few reasons.  Mainly it’s a way for me to get back into writing again in general.  It’s also a way for me to get back into discussing music with people — something I always enjoyed doing in the past.  I’ve always been a huge fan of music, even as a little kid.  I’d sit for hours by myself with headphones on listening to the radio or my favorite records.  As I got older, I learned to play the guitar at around twelve years old and then eventually joined a metal band as a teen.  As time went on, life happened and my music hobbies became mostly a thing of the past.

For many years I’ve been stuck in dead end, nine-to-five jobs, never really enjoying what I did and feeling like I never reached my full potential.  When I was young I always loved to write and always had a talent for it.  For what ever reason, but probably mainly as the result of several bad decisions in my teens and twenties, I never ended up pursuing a career in writing or journalism.  It’s something I’d always thought I’d be good at but for some reason could never convince myself to get serious about.  It’s like you see other people doing what you want to do, pursuing their dreams, but for some reason it just seems unattainable for a regular person.  Or at least that’s how I had always felt.

At this point, I figure I’m not getting any younger and even if this only ends up being nothing more than just a hobby, it’s still something I need to pursue.  I need to scratch this persistent itch in my brain that keeps telling me I need to be a writer.

Back in the day, before the internet even existed, I would write all the time on bulletin boards.  For those of you too young to remember, a bulletin board was basically the same thing as a forum.  I’d use a Windows 3.0 PC with a 56k, dialup modem, and log in to a program called Prodigy.  Prodigy was around during the time of AOL, maybe even earlier.  It was kind of like the internet but very primitive by comparison.  Anyway, I would usually go to music bulletin boards and debate people about bands. I would get into some pretty heated arguments and post some pretty epic rants to fire people up.  It was super fun and eventually I ended up somewhat making a name for myself and becoming kind of famous.  Alright, so not exactly “famous” I guess, but for the Prodigy users of the early nineties who frequented music bulletin boards, I was pretty well known.

So that was kind of my first taste of “blogging” fame at a young age.  Since those days, I’ve mostly left writing behind until recently.  Working, partying, and trying to be an adult became priorities for a lot of years instead of focusing on any sort of creativity.  So here I am, in a sense, picking up where I left off with Prodigy to write and rant for other people to read and be (hopefully) entertained and (sometimes) pissed off by.